Selection for the week 25 / 26 with new releases by Modeselektor, Mark Pritchard, oOoOO, & Gerry Read. THUGHOUZ001 - DJ Haus (UTTU) - Thug House Anthems Vol.1 - Hot Haus Recs - 24-06-2013 Ten tracks of certified floorfillers. In his typical ways DJ Haus mixes elements of Garage House, 2step and Bassline into a bubbling cocktail of uncompromising party tunes. Subtlety is not what you can find here, but lots and lots of fun, that‘s for sure. RS1308D - Airhead - For Years - R&S Records - 24-06-2013 James Blake‘s friends Airheard make their album debut with this longplayer on R&S and the music is as one would expect. And that is, of course, not a bad thing at all. Mildly experimental nighttime tracks, future folk, halfway between Blake and early Mount Kimbie - with some excursions into more noisy territories. Melancholic music for the coming fall. NIHJGTFEELINGS001CD - oOoOO - Without Your Love - Nihjgt Feelings - 24-06-201 Another debut album, this time by oOoOO. And more night music as well, sonic miniatures out of the deepest night. Grave and threatening does this music sound, inspired by some dark romanticism and flavored with lots of bass. His Witchhouse roots may lie behind him, but this nightmarish quality still inherits his music. Sad but beautiful. Music for cyber goths. MEDICD008 - Swindle - Long Live Jazz - Deep Medi Musik - 24-06-2013 After last years extremely promising Do The Jazz and Forest Funk EPs follows now Swindle‘s first album on Deep Medi (actually already his third). And he does not disappoint, au contraire, mixing elements of Urban and Hip Hop with Dubstep, Grime, Jazz and even crooner songs a la Burt Bacharach in surprising and most entertaining ways. Album of the week, that is a given. MTR032 - Modeselektor & Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team- Negativity - Monkeytown Records - 01-07-2013 Nothing less than a rave bomb it is what Modeselektor and their partners in crime, the french Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, have fabricated here. Purest high energy techno with shades of acid and bass. A filled floor is guaranteed. Same quality on the flipside, where Bambounou transforms the track into a deeply vibrating bass music shaker, minimal where the original is maximal, but pumping just as well. Big one. MTR034 - Moderat - Bad Kingdom - Monkeytown Records - 28-06-2013 First foretaste of the new Moderat album, and it‘s as nice as one would expect. Deeply melancholic electronica pop, masterfully interwoven with dancefloor friendly bass music elements. And for those who dislike Apparat‘s singing voice there is also the instrumental on the flipside. 4TH010D - Gerry Read - Crave / Enjoy A Day Out - Fourth Wave - 30-06-2013 More future house by Gerry Read, taking the best from Chicago and Detroit and rearranging and transforming it for the future. First track Crave is a dusty melancholic latenight tune, one for the fans of Theo Parrish. On the flipside Read goes loop- and filter-crazy in a DJ Sneak manner. Class A material, both tracks. LUCKY062D - FTSE - FTSE 1 - Lucky Number - 30-06-2013 Most beautiful next level hip hop/r‘n‘b from the scottish Lucky Number stable. Combining wonky beat programming with hazy atmospheres and soothing vocal melodies drenched in melancholia. Beauteous. WAP341 - Mark Pritchard - Ghosts - Warp Records - 24-06-2013 Another brilliant Mark Pritchard release. This time it‘s chicago juke and footwork antics he is incorporating into his ever growing repertoire of styles. Take that, combine it with sub bass loving dancehall, dubstep and even oldschool jungle breaks and rave stabs and you get four excellent tracks (plus one instrumental) of forward thinking bass music straight out of the ‘Ardcore Continuum. Highly recommended. SENSELESSCD004 - Octa Push - Oito - Senseless Records - 24-06-2013 First full length album by Octa Push, offering a varied bouquet of bass music styles. There are mere shades of pure dubstep, but lots of elements of juke, lazer stabbing bass, african kwaito, chirping chip tuned melodies and even pop. Yes, there is a lot of singing to be found here. Quite ambitious, if not a little bit overambitious maybe, but one definitely won‘t get bored listening to this album. RAMP0561 - Alice Ant - Alice Ant EP, Pt.1 - RAMP - 23-06-2013 Stunningly beautiful music. Alice Ant combines psychedelic trance house a la Border Community with elements from UK garage, electronica/ambient and bass music and comes up with four as lush as lovely listening tracks. And as this release is titled Pt.1 one can only be curious of the things to come. Wonderful. FLY010 - Funkystepz - Narcotics EP - Forever Live Young (F.L.Y) - 24-06-2013 More hypernervous UK Funky floor fillers by Funkystepz. This time with some elements of grime. Not meant for homelistening, that‘s for sure. (Written and contributed by Superdefekt) About: Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n’bass, dubstep or Bass Musik.

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