Pleasurable selection for week 49/50 with new releases by Kahn, Innex., Dusky & more. 01 - MEDI064 - Kahn - Dread - Deep Medi Musik - 03-12-2012 Two times purist dubstep of the dreadiest. Meaning: with heavy roots in dub and dancehall reggae, resulting in a ganja dream of the most far out reverberations. 02 - VEIL001 - Sam KDC - Synesthesia - Veil - 03-12-2012 Wide and epic post dubstep tracks. Sounding like a blissful digital dream bathing in lushness while paying tribute to early nineties uk electronica. Perfectly fitted for your next homelistening session. 03 - BBEATS002 - Taiki & Nulight - Love Is The Feeling EP - Benga Beats - 03-12-2012 The title track is paying tribute to ravey nineties mainfloor trance house - think Felix‘ „Don‘t You Want My Love“. It‘s all here: big, preset-heavy chords and blatant but functionable rhythm patterns. The b-side comes from some a little bit more sophisticated angle and should be the choice tune here. 04 - Flake 030 - Andy Jay & S-Tee - Having It Large - ce Cream Records - 03-12-2012 Original UK garage flavors, coming in different tastes: speed garage, 2step, garage house, wobblin‘ dubstep - it‘s all here. But you shouldn‘t be afraid of vocals in the shape of typical UK rapping, mind you. 05 - BROAD033 - Bruk Boogie Kru - Zanzile Project - Broadcite Productions - 03-12-2012 Three tracks of stripped down bass house with heavy emphasis on swinging rhythms in an african way. Nothing too surprising but perfect mix material nonetheless. 06 - ACRE038 - Loops Haunt - Zenith EP - Black Acre - 03-12-2012 Far out future jazz. Incorporating influences from dubstep as well as drum‘n‘bass, heavy sound processing and a lot of reminiscences to british electronica, Loops Haunt comes up with an EP which is as deep and experimental as it is fresh, surprising and a joy to listen to - if you have open ears, that is. Recommended, but not for the faint hearted, mind you. 07 - HAR136 - Innex - Shaman EP - Haunted Audio Recordings - 29-11-2012 Dread rave halfstep of the most distorted way. Razor sharp bass lines cut through the rainforest branches of rhythm while samples of ayahuasca drunken shamans and ritualistic south american flutes pay tribute to the EP‘s title. Best track: Ancient Curse with it‘s sparse but hypnotic percussion patterns. 08 - CKM007 - Pedro Pilatus - Calia - Cool Kid Music - 27-11-2012 Pedro Pilatus combines your typical UK Funky percussion with heavy bass lines you would rather find in the next wobble step track and some epic, synth pad heavy breakdowns reminiscent of those post dubstep bass house tracks you know and love. Fresh, especially the b-side track Romario‘s Theme. 09 - SCHOOL001D - Dusky - Calling Me - School Records - 10-12-2012 School Records is the new label by Loefah, this time more targeted at the house music crowd than electro bass as his other imprint, Swamp 81. And these two Dusky tracks are a perfect business card for the label, two straight forward four-to-the-floor tracks with strong emphasis on deep bass. Peak time winners for sure and as such heavily recommended. 10 - TEC067 - Gemmy - Warrior - Tectonic - 10-12-2012 Synth heavy rave dubstep by Gemmy, digging deep into the sub bass territory. Whereas The Dome goes for a more halfstep approach it is the faster, peak time ready groove of Warrior which impresses the most. 11 - LOVIN040 - Frankie Flowerz - Burning Inside EP - Love International - 07-12-2012 Lush and atmospheric deephouse tracks, even with some funky disco boogie elements on Organic Love and 1999. Very nice, indeed. 12 - DECA028 - Various Artists - Time Capsule: 2012 - Deca Rhythm - 10-12-2012 A compilation serving you the best of 2012 from the Deca Rhythm Label. Depp and heavy post dubstep tracks with strong roots in techno and electro, peak time material from beginning to end. And artists like Orphan 101, Arkist, Genotype or Gatekeeper make sure that it is quality which is inside. (Written and contributed by Superdefekt) About: Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n'bass, dubstep or Bass Music. __________________________________________________________________________

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