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Superdefekts Dubstep Recommendation – 3

Superdefekts Dubstep Recommendation – 3
Superdefekt aka sdfkt. aka Tim Lorenz (co)hostes the famous MFOC (sunday) nights at Hamburgs finest micro club “Golden Pudel”. Clubbing since 1987 as well as Djing since 1993 he has a knowledge of about 20 years of all kinds of electronic music with a special interest in all things breakbeat, be it electro, electronica, drum’n'bass, dubstep or Bass Music. MACABRE UNIT - Lift Off - TERR004 – 14.03.2011 Essential re-release! Lift Off was one of the first tracks crossing over from grime into dubstep areas and detroit aesthetics - and it still sounds as fresh as a meadow in spring: surely a reason why it still gets dropped by Ben UFO and the likes. If you do not already own this - get it asap! DISTAL - Zeus De Trop / Creepers - EMB006 – 14.03.2011 Angry bleak designer grime by Distal. It seems as if, after all those future garage business, the halfstep rhythm gets a serious renaissance - and Distal with his clever production techniques is surely on the forefront here. Two essential tunes for the ‘ardcore darkheads. BRACKLES & SHORTSTUFF - Broken Harp - POL12001 – 14.03.2011 Another classic finally gets a digital release. Brackles and Shortstuff did produced an early piece of dubstep/garage crossover here, with a  moody harp sample circling around slowed down 2step rhythms. It‘s backed up by a Geiom remix on the flipside, who slows down the dubbed out rhythms and creates some beautiful filter melodies around it. Top tunes still after all these years (two, to be precise). ASA - Sweeter Things EP – SCREWD001 – 14.03.2011 Some strong Burial vibes emitting from this one. It‘s all very dark and gloomy here, with synth pads like early morning fog swirling around industrial garage rhythms  while far away some beautiful Bjork elves are singing forgotten folk songs about alien landings. Quite beautiful. OCEANIA -Cracked Out EP – BOOT007 – 14.03.2011 More fans of Burial doing music. Haunting melodies and synth atmospheres meet tons heavy drum patterns. The twist here is that they also use Skream like slaughter basses. It‘s nothing new, but it is still quite nice music for the early hours of the day when your head is too heavy to wake up. PLASTICMAN - Be There Or Be Square / Aqua Riddim - TERR003 – 14-03-2011 Lazersharp grime-infused riddims by Plasticman (no, not the m_nus guy). Be there or be square is a stomping minimalistic gangstastep tune, complete with gun loading samples, shots in the dark, escaping getaway cars and oldschool bleeps. Flip around and you get a brooding deep sea tune, with a trembling bass straight outta some submarines sonar. Halfway through the track a mysterious pad noise sets in, which reminds of  the vast dark shadow of a manta ray passing by a drexcyian underwater metropolis. Serious business. XXXY – Rain - POL12002 – 14.03.2011 Moody washed away post dubstep vibes on XXXY‘s Rain, sounding like a slow motioned trip through a rainy urbanized landscape. Check that bass and the multi-delayed melody sequence like raindrops exploding on the ruins of some ancient alien metal factory. Perfect melancholic beautiness. The Jack Sparrow remix on the flip reduces the atmospheric pad sounds and concentrates on the mandatory bass line, groovin' it up with some mysterious voice samples. Quality stuff on both sides of this record. BLAWAN - Bohla EP – RS1102 – 14.03.2011 With this release Blawan singlehandedly invents something like a new genre, lets call it Acidstep. It‘s a very skeletal affair, akin to old chicago acid house tracks, but reinvented in a modern way, as on these three tracks he uses not much more than deep broken rhythms, some subtle sub bass and, of course, a 303, courtesy of those swinging and shuffling acid lines - and that is all, but like in those old house tracks, he knows how to use these three elements to full effect. Awesome!

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