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How does it feel to run one of the most hyped House labels of the moment? Its very gratifying to see how fast we've become a house(!)hold name on the scene, especially as it almost feels like yesterday when we had the first release out. Even though we always had a very clear agenda of where we wanted to go with the label we must admit its gone even better than we could ever expect. But bare in mind, we've just started our journey with Local Talk...we have big goals and are aiming high to become permanent outlet for house music. The 90's House revival is in full steam. Do you consider the label to be one of the best representative of that revival? To be honest, even though we always get associated with the 90s sound we never planned or had any intentions to be a representative for the New Jersey sound, 90s sound or similar. We're just a straight up HOUSE label that just happens to release this sounds among many other styles. Time will show...we got many tricks in our bags! You are pushing lots of new & upcoming talents. Did you see this as an important part of your label's mission? Yes, we always said that the actual music is more important than big name producers. It doesn't matter who it is, if the track does not make us move i the office it won't come out on Local Talk. We've just been very lucky that many of the new and upcoming producers have sent us so much good music. There's an ocean of talent out there, you just have to filter out the goodies 😉 What can we expect of Local Talk in 2013? We have an insane amount of good house music in various styles coming in 2013. We have UK garage inspired house from C.R.S.T & Chesus, acid house from Anaxander, proper nu jersey biz from HNNY, Lee Webster, Mike Sharon, Timmy P and Dale Howard, soulful/jazzy garage from Kyodai, techy biz from Clé, Detroitish house from Purple Velvet etc etc etc. We're also starting up a new sub label called "OneOffs" where we will put different producers together on one common release, it's something we've talked about for a while now and it's gonna be really hype! We have a few releases on our re-issue label "1nce Again" that surely will turn some heads. Our first label compilation entitled "Talking House vol.1" will see the light of day and also a full length album by Kyodai is coming in 2013...Trust us...Local Talk is mad busy in 2013!!! Are you the real Swedish House Mafia? Nah...we're the good guys! Who are some of your favorite dj's at the moment? Mats: Kyodai (live), Terrence Parker, Benji B (Deviation), Pure P (r&b, hip hop dj from Stockholm), Rich Medina (NYC) Tooli: There's quite a few, too many to mention really but I always try to check out Mr Scruff and really like his eclectic style. You are making your first label night in Berlin this WE and will play Panorama Bar in february next year? Do you have a special connection with the city? Mats used to travel to Berlin in the 90s and spin with the Jazzanova crew but besides this no real connection to be honest. Well, there are loads of Swedes living and working out from Berlin...many of our friends moved there! But we both feel Berlin as a positive force in a musical society that is getting more and more flatlined and mainstream. Berlin is definitely beacon of light for the alternative and underground club culture. Its like the New York hip hop and house scene in the 90s...happening!   about their latest release: Cazuma & Andreas - Nostalgia / Can't Hide It (LT019) Out exclusively at whatpeopleplay.com: 23-11-2012 Andreas Saag returns to Local Talk with a follow-up to his Back To Life EP, this time he's invited longtime friend and studio partner Cazuma Mori, together both of them offers the Local Talk fans house music with a distinctive production technique. "Nostalgia" is a warm stomping basement beats floor-filler, with a fat bassline tempered by rising chord textures, smartly coordinated with the pulses in the track. The B-Side "Can't Hide It" comes with intricate keyboard work and deep atmosphere that's driven by an appealingly on-point house baseline.

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