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Here, on ‘Must’, Bolivar tips a nod to his love of dub but from the opening track onward we see true reflection of his wide-ranging influences. 80’s disco bleeds through on opening track ‘Rise Your Demons’, a slo-mo track that gives way to the pensive deep house tones of ‘Eleven Years’ before the two sounds meet in the quirky, upbeat ‘Midnight Frogs’. Hazy jazz meets dub overtones in ‘Off Soft’ (feat Fabel) while the jazz licks filter into the appropriately titled ‘Smoke Mode’ and following track ‘Diamonds’ which takes a more stripped back approach in showcasing its roots. The last section of the LP, across four tracks, runs a myriad of deep house aesthetics and, carrying on the LP’s densely textured melodic approach, provides a gossamer covered range of moods. ‘Must’ is an accomplished, cohesive LP that sees Bolivar at the height of his deft and subtle yet compelling writing. Paired with exceptional production values that give appropriate space and cosseting warmth, this writing really shines. We asked Pablo Bolivar to tell us a bit about the production of "Must": OFF SOFT "Off Soft" is a Virus C sound preset name , its that dark synth that appears in the middle of the track just for one minute. Thanks to Fabel's keys the track changed from Dub Techno to a kind of Jazzy House, i love that combination between electronics and blues. The keys are programmed with the Virus C's Mark One preset , the bass line from the lovely Arturia Mini Moog and the percussion with Drum Rack. The Dub Stabs are programmed with Virus C and the Pad Synths with the Arturia JP-8. At the end of the track i added an acoustic contrabass that i did with Omnisphere. The EFX i used in this track are the Tc Electronic Studio Delay and the Lexicon Reverb plug in. ELEVEN YEARS The song starts with an environment i recorded in Palolem (India), during a rainy day. In the beginning, "Eleven Years" was an Ambient Dubstep song, same melodies but different rhythms. I decided to change the percussion once i got clear the idea of the Album. Almost all the Synths are from Arturia, except the digital xylophone from the Yamaha DX7 orchestral cartridge. The Rothes and some percussions are sampled from Ron Trent, my hero! Rarely i use my own voice in my productions, but this time it was necessary, "Eleven Years" its one of the more special tracks i ever did. This song its dedicated to Susana, my girl, thanks to her I discovered India and its infinite landscapes, where i get the inspiration for MUST. DIAMONDS I started this track programing the percussion with Drum Rack, and after that i added the Organs. Diamonds was one of the first tracks i did for MUST, i was learning Piano those days, one of the best things i did, because it was very helpful for finishing the album as i had in mind. The organs are made with the Yamaha DX7 plus an Ableton Tremolo, the Drums with Drum Rack and some samples are from a YMC record. The environment recording at the begging was taken from a forest walk in Salarzon Mountain (Cantabria), i always travel with my Zoom Digital Recorder because i always want to keep alive those special moments. DON'T HOLD Here I did a crazy cut and paste work with some fresh 90's house records, this is what I was looking for in this track, a solid drums line like the oldies Traxx Records but up to date. The bass line is programmed with the Arturia Mini Moog, the stab sequence is done with Virus C and the Sound environment was recorded in Frankfurt. I took the voices from "Cadilac Records" movie, then cut and pasted with Ableton. I think this is the most club orientated track of the Album, i use to play it at the beginning of my sets and it works really well!

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