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For this month's installment we are happy to welcome a new member to our little "Wheels of Steel" family. We invited one of the few true soldiers of real House Music and unofficial stylings, The Queen Lady Blacktronika. We asked her to open her treasure chests to shed some light on some personal faves and underrated tracks in dance music history. As always "Wheels of Steel" is especially interested in those hidden pearls which never got the tag "classic" but that easily deserve it. The selection Lady Blacktronika sent is clearly showing her extraordinary taste and is truly breathing that original queer vibe, real House Music and the Disco era were majorly comprised of. Recent Record Store Day still in mind these tracks are a perfect reason to visit your local record shop and dig the hell out of it. Watch out for her forthcoming 12" Jackmaster Cunt EP Vol.1, which will be released on her own label Sound Black Recordings in May.  Real stuff! Highly recommended! (Intro:  R.Zepezauer) 1. Roundtree – Get On Up (Get On Down) This track is so funky. It really makes me want to do exactly what the title suggests, "get on up and get on down." Its a solid groove that I've never seen bigged up any where, and it's just one of those tracks that should be and you wonder why it's not. I absolutely love it. It's quintessentially New York. There is this sound that came out of NYC in the late 70's that is hard to compare with any other sound from that era. "Get On Up" is just everything. Its a massive must have for disco heads. 2. Donna Summer - Now I Need You/Working The Midnight Shift (unfortunately this video is not available in some countries - others may follow the link below) http://youtu.be/ys_bJP57KlU When I listen to this track I can feel Donna's pain. That longing for something better. I can really relate to that. I bought this one at a little record store in Prenzlauer Berg, in Berlin. I had actually had the American pressing but never paid attention to it. There are a lot of cheesy tracks on the album so this little medley got way overlooked. When I got home to the US and listened to it on my set up, I was really wowed. Somehow having a German pressing made it more outstanding. It's quit dark and amazing. Its all about wanting something else then what you've already got. It made me long for Berlin, to return to wild abandon. 3. The Ritchie Family - African Queens Words can't express how much I love this track. For me, it is a bonafied classic. I'm a disco album record nut. I have the Mexican and US pressings of this album, and I plan to add other pressings from other countries to my collection as well. Its great, especially the 3 part medley. It is really a Black Pride anthem asking people to take a closer look at their African ancestry and stolen legacy. Yeah, on the surface it may seem like fluff, but it really couldn't be much father from fluff to be honest. It tells the story of three African Queens that are often portrayed as anything but African. This track gives me strength and makes me proud to be a beautiful Black woman who also happens to be 1/4th British and 1/4th German. 4. The Younger Generation – We Rap More Mellow (Maxi Version) I chose this track because early disco rap/hip hop is not given much credit if any. This track is such a dope chugger though. It's without a doubt in my list of essential disco classics. I mean, It is just unstoppable. It's a 9minute plus record that just doesn't quit. It makes me feel sassy and rude in a good way. I chose this one because it is the definition of an overlooked classic that seriously needs to be reexamined. So what do I think? I think Disco Rap at its finest. 5. Stu Phillips - Jelly Belly WOW!!! That's about all you can say when listening to this track. Jelly Belly, It is just so ahead of its time and that's saying a lot for a 1970's soundtrack to a Sci-fi show set in the distant future. I mean come-on! You can't even get this on vinyl. Or any other format as far as I know come to think of it. It is screaming out for a great re-edit. HHHHMMMM so I just might have to do that some time in the near future before you do, now that you know.

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